91% of adults

tune in to radio each week

Drive sales and boost brand awareness through a targeted radio campaign. With 91% of adults listening and a specialist radio team at Capital Media, your campaign will be a success.

In excess of 47 million adults (91% of the UK’s population) listen to radio every day while going about their daily business. An amazing 33% of those tune in to commercial radio stations, ones that you can advertise on. It’s quite easy to see why companies choose radio as a medium to supplement other print, web and outdoor advertising.

Targeting your customer effectively

Radio advertising has a marvellous ability for you to target your customer by lifestyle, age, location and much more. It allows advertisers to reach selectively the groups they are interested in, and market products and services most suitable.

It is proven to drive response

Using radio has always been an excellent call to action medium and therefore spurns response. Research by the Radio Advertising Bureau shows that many listeners are online while tuning in to radio, and therefore just a few keystrokes away from your brand.

We can manage your whole campaign

At Capital Media we’ve had proven success in developing radio campaigns across the UK. Whether you’re in Nottingham, Leeds or London, our media buying team have years of experience in researching the most suitable radio medium for your brand and creating an advertisement to drive response and increase brand exposure. We can manage the whole thing on your behalf – from buying the space, managing the creative and analysing response. It really does pay to advertise on radio, so give us a call today on 020 7183 7782 to see how we could help you develop your new radio advertising campaign.

Listen to some of our work

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